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Beregovski's Musical Treasures

35 Klezmer Fiddlers * 12 Countries * 158 Nigunim

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A stellar line-up of klezmer string players from around the world is resuscitating the ancient Jewish nign tradition, with a daily broadcast of traditional melodies dedicated to turning sorrow to joy.

Each nign (Jewish song without words) is taken from manuscripts dating back a hundred years and more, and will feature in a daily broadcast with the player online afterwards for live conversation (see below for names & broadcast dates).

Generally anonymous, nigunim are uniquely suited to our locked-down times: each is a tiny musical gem created by its long-forgotten composer to take you on a musical journey away from the sorrows of everyday life. The melodies are intended to be sung without harmony, by one person or many, at the table or to (self-) accompany dancing.

Moshe Beregovski. Photo courtesy of Dmitry Bayev

The melodies were assembled by Moshe Beregovski (1892-1961), a Soviet Jewish ethnomusicologist who dedicated his life to recording Jewish musical folklore and eventually fell foul of Stalin for his pains. Beregovski gathered more than 1000 field recordings of Jewish musicians spanning the years 1910-1950 and transcribed these tunes and more in five volumes entitled 'Jewish Musical Folklore'. The tunes for this project come from Vol. 4 – ‘Tish-Nigunim’ (table tunes).


The musicians are asking those who can afford to donate to support their online music-making, as all their live events have been cancelled. All proceeds from the appeal will go to the musicians participating in this project.

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"The genre of Jewish textless songs was particularly developed with the advent of Hasidism (Hasid means pious), a religious-mystical movement that arose at the beginning of the 18th century and became widespread among Jews in Eastern Europe. It would be wrong, however, to attribute the emergence and development of songs without words exclusively to Hasidism since they, like tunes for the Sabbath hymns, were not only widespread in places and regions where Hasidism had almost no followers, but were also encountered among their ardent and active opponents (misnagdim)." Moshe Beregovski, Intro to 'Jewish Musical Folklore' Vol. 4, 'Tish Nigunim', 1946-1960

What do nigunim sound like?

Listen to a nign from Beregovski's collection, recorded in 1913 in Kovel, Volyn province by ethnomusicologist Zinoviy Kiselgof. It's a Freylekhs (happy tune) attributed to cantor Yosl Talner (1838-1919). The singers are Motl Shvarts and Pinkhas Paz, the Trisker Hasidim.

Watch men and women dancing & singing a nign together in rare archive footage from the early 1930s in Munkács:

Musicians participating in this project

Annette Siebert * Alexsei Rozov * Alex Koffman * Alicia Svigals * Alina Bauer * Amit Weisberger * Anna Lowenstein * Antti Korhola * Ariane Cohen-Adad * Beth Silver * Cookie Segelstein * Craig Judelman * Daniel Hoffman * David Brossier * Deborah Strauss * Eléonore Biezunski * Ernie Gruner * Francesca Ter-Berg * Gica Loening * Ilana Cravitz * Jake Shulman-Ment * Johannes Paul Gräßer * Lisa Gutkin * Mark Kovnatsky * Michael Alpert * Mitia Khramtsov * Monika Feil * Olga Baron * Sandra Layman * Semmy Stahlhammer * Steve Greenman * Vanessa Vromans * Yale Strom * Zoë Aqua

Countries represented

Australia * Belgium * Canada * England * Finland * France * Germany * Israel * Russia * Scotland * Sweden* USA

Live Internet Shows (30 mins daily)

No. 108 Khsidisher Nign
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Beregovski Tish-Nign Archive Project Videos

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Video of live show

22 April
Global project launch event

* Klezmer Fiddle Heaven


Project Launch

23 April
Ilana Cravitz, London

Ilana Cravitz


24 April
Aleksei Rozov, Moscow

  Aleksei Rozov

25 April
Jake Shulman-Ment

  Jake Shulman-Ment

26 April
Craig Judelman


Craig Judelman

27 April
Cookie Segelstein

#15 Tish-Nign

#50 Nign

#83 Nign

#118 Khsidisher Nign

#149 March

Cookie Segelstein

28 April
Mark Kovnatskiy

#28 Nign

#61 Nign

#96 Nign

#96a Tish-Nign

#131 Nign

Mark Kovnatskiy

29 April
Mitia Khramtsov

17:00 St Petersburg. GMT+3

#63 Nign

#134 Nign

Mitia Khramtsov

30 April
Francesca Ter-Berg

Francesca Ter-Berg

1 May
Mose Beregovski
- a musical portrait
with Ilana Cravitz

Who was Moshe Beregovski?

2 May
Olga Baron

Olga Baron

3 May
Daniel Hoffman


 #85 Nign

Daniel Hoffman

4 May
Ernie Gruner 

#90 Nign

#107 Nign

#19 Tish-Nign

Ernie Gruner

5 May
Eléonore Biezunski

#14 Tish-Nign

#124 An Alter Nign

Eléonore Biezunski

6 May
Beth Silver

#12 Tish-Nign

#48 Volekh

#81 Nign

#116 Nign


Beth Silver

7 May
Alex Koffman

#2 Nign en Zmires

#3 Nign

#41 Tish-Nign

#41a Skotshne

#75 Nign

Alex Koffman

8 May
Gica Loening

#26 Nign

#49 & 49a A Freyelekher Nign

#58 Nign

#92 Khsidisher Nign

#129 Nign

Gica Loening

9 May
Monika Feil

Monika Feil

10 May
Alicia Svigals

#4 Nign

#42 Nign

#76 A Langoniker Nign

#112 Nign

#150 Nign

Alicia Svigals

11 May
Annette Siebert

#7 Tish-Nign

#39 Tish-Nign

Annette Siebert

12 May
Beregovski / Lag B'omer Playlist with special guest: Frank London

Frank London
13 May
Steven Greenman
17:00 Cleveland. GMT-4, EST 

#34 Tish-Nign

#68 Nign

#104 Nign

#139 Nign

Steven Greenman

14 May
Zoë Aqua

  Zoë & Annie Aqua

15 May
Learn a Nign with special guest Susan Lankin Hoffman Watts


Susan Hoffman Watts

16 May
Francesca Ter-Berg


17 May
Amit Weisberger

#6 Tish-Nign

#18 Tish-Nign

#22 Tish-Nign

#33 Tish-Nign

#72 Nign

#105 Nign

#111 Redl

#154 Nign

#156 Nign

#158 & 158a Nign

Amit Weisberger
18 May
Anna Lowenstein


#7 Tish-Nign

#44 Nign

Anna Lowenstein

19 May
Samuel Seifert

Samuel Seifert

20 May
David Brossier

#86 Nign

#103 Nign

#122 Nign

David Brossier

21 May
Antti Korhola

#9 Tish-Nign

#45 Nign

#45a Nign

#79 Nign

#119 Nign

Antti Korhola

22 May
Vanessa Vromans

#69 Nign

Vanessa Vromans

24 May
Ariane Cohen-Adad

#10 Tish-Nign

#47 Nign

#80 Tish-Nign

#110 & 110a Nign

Ariane Cohen-Adad

25 May
Johannes Paul Gräßer

#27 & 27a Nign

#59 Nign

#94 & 94a Nign

Johannes Paul Graßer

26 May
Sandra Layman
with guest Prof. Martin Schwartz


Sandra Layman

27 May
Yale Strom

#21 Nign

#108 Khsidisher Nign

#149 March

Yale Strom

28 May
Abigale Reisman

  Abigale Reisman

29 May
Michael Alpert
Unfortunately the pressure of other commitments means Michael can't join us. He hopes to contribute videos to the 'archive'.
30 May
Lisa Gutkin
17:00 New York. GMT-4, EST

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Meeting ID: 819 6199 3284
Password: 350352


31 May
Deborah Strauss
17:00 New York. GMT-4, EST


Alina Bauer
#5 Nign en Zmires

#43 Nign

#77 Nign

#143 Nign


 3 June
Wrap Party
13:00 California
16:00 New York
21:00 London
22:00 Berlin, Paris
23:00 Helsinki, Moscow
06:00 NSW


Donate to our crowdfunder All proceeds go to musicians participating in this project

The Tish Nigunim and four other Beregovski volumes 'Jewish Musical Folklore' are available as pdfs on disc in Russian. There are also CDs from various ethnomusicological expeditions 1910-1945. Ordering information






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