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29 & 30 November

16.00-23.00 UK time

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Klezmer Education Symposium


Looking at klezmer education from different angles

Questions we will address:

How, why and what do we teach klezmer?

Is it - should it be - different depending on the student(s)?

Are there common goals, pedagogic techniques, materials ?

How can we be more effective?


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Online courses
Klezmer Teacher Training

A National Klezmer Youth Orkester(NKYO) event

Email for details of dates and how to sign up

Opportunities for teachers of all instruments to learn about klezmer and be introduced to the National Klezmer Youth Orkester repertoire.

The course consists of three intensive klezmer orientation sessions taught by Ilana Cravitz, a world-renowned klezmer performer and experienced teacher of klezmer repertoire, style and ensemble skills. 

Day 1: Klezmer history, modes and style

Day 2: Klezmer rhythms, dances and non-dance music

Day 3: Focus on NKYO repertoire

It is possible to attend a mixture of early and late sessions to suit your schedule. (11am-1pm and 8-10pm UK time).

After attending this course you will be eligible to register as an NKYO Facilitator at no further cost.

Email for details of dates and how to sign up
2-4 May 2022

Benslow Music, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9RB

Play Klezmer
The Benslow Klezmer Orchestra

Immerse yourself in the celebratory and soulful music of Jewish eastern Europe. You'll be introduced to the elements that make this genre unique via a selection of fantastic repertoire provided as sheet music. Book here


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The London International Klezmer Experience brings you klezmer live online every other Wednesday or so. Expect special themes, guests, masterclasses, jamming and more.... See below for times to suit all geographical zones & work/leisure schedules!

Local times

11:15-12.45 Pacific
13:15-14:45 Chicago, Quito
14:15-15:45 US East Coast
15:15-16:45 Sao Paulo
18:15-19:45 Reykjavik
19:15-20:45 UK
20:15-21:45 Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Warsaw
21:15-22:45 Helsinki, Moscow





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